Multichannel B2B Sales Outreach

Say hello to your new on-demand B2B salesforce.

B2B Sales Development Services

Everything you need to take control of your revenues.

Sales Outreach

A fully managed sales development solution that serves as an extension of your own team.

Sales Support

Training, tools and downstream assistance to help you close more of the leads that we send your way.

Inbound Channels

Boost your outreach results by activating and managing selected inbound sales channels.

Benefits for your organization


We can find prospects, introduce your company, schedule meetings, contact cold leads, follow up on sent proposals and more.


Target prospects through multiple channels and several layers of personalization to maximize response rates and results.


We grow and shrink at your speed, always fully integrated into your sales process and all without long-term contracts.

A B2B Sales Extension for Your Team

We have developed a modular, scalable, highly personalizable and powerful B2B outreach operation that places warm human interactions at its center but leverages cutting-edge technology to help companies increase sales exponentially and get the most out of their existing resources.

Since 2009, Innovatar has been helping entrepreneurs and established businesses in multiple countries around the world improve their outbound sales.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence power our human salesforce to achieve more and make faster and better decisions.

Quick On-Boarding and Fast Results

Our approach is different from lead generation agencies. We offer you fast on-boarding, immediate results and no risk of getting banned.

Integration with Your BD Process

We integrate into your existing operations, and connect to your existing applications. No CRM? No problem, we'll get you one for free.

Interactive B2B Sales Dashboard

A unique interactive analytics dashboard that gives you maximum visibility into your business and helps you make smarter decisions.

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